M.F.K. Fisher Awards for Excellence in Culinary Writing
M.F.K. Fisher Prize Rules 2021
Any nonfiction work of original content with the purpose of  broadening understanding of the intersection of food and culture that was published or aired in the preceding calendar year (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020) in any format including print, electronic, broadcast, video, radio, television, and podcast written or spoken in English or translated into English is eligible. 

Producer of the work must be a woman of at least 21 years of age. Members of LDEI and non-member women are eligible to enter.

Not eligible to enter: Anyone on staff or freelancer for the management company for LDEI, the LDEI Board members, the LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize Committee, sponsors and their immediate families. 

No work is ineligible because the authors/producers have previously won this prize or any other prize. 

Any decision made by the LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize Committee whether a submitted work is eligible will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into. 

Completed entry forms and non-returnable handling fee must be received by 5:00 pm Thursday, March 31, 2021.

Each entry must be electronically submitted with a $75 non-returnable handling fee (early bird fee of $50 for entries submitted by 5:00 pm EST, February 1, 2021). Submissions and payment by credit card will be accepted on the LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize page of the LDEI website only. 

Submissions may be made by authors, agents, editors, producers, hosts, journalists or any authorized person of the work. Submitters may enter more than one entry. Each submission must include the non-returnable handling fee.

Written non-fiction works should be submitted electronically in a PDF format and not exceed 5,000 words. Book excerpts may be compiled at the discretion of the author to best showcase the work and are not to exceed the 5,000 word count including three recipes, if applicable. Broadcasts such as radio, podcast, television, and video entries must submit a working electronic link. Works are not to exceed one hour in duration and should feature one episode, not a sampling of a series. Entries should not contain advertisements. For book submissions, the contribution of a signed copy of the work is required and must be submitted to the LDEI management company by mail. 

Each entry must include an author/producer statement in support of the work not to exceed 500 words.

The works will be evaluated for voice, impactful cultural insight and contribution, and overall excellence. 

A preliminary blind peer review of submissions will be handled by a LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize Committee. No communication will be entered into with submitters.

Finalist entries will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished independent judges with diverse backgrounds invited by the LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize Committee. The annually changing panel of judges will be announced during the call for entries. The three top prize winners will be the sole decision of the independent judges. 

Winners will be announced by press release and on the LDEI website by September 30, 2021. 

The top three winners are invited and encouraged to attend the LDEI Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, October 14-17, 2021 on the day of the Prize ceremony. One representative per work will be the paid guest of LDEI for the awards ceremony. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the winners. 

First ($3,000), Second ($2,000) and Third ($1,000) place cash prizes will be awarded to the top winning works. Payment will be made to the submission contact designated on the entry form. No more than three people will be recognized as contributors of each finalist or winning work. Each will receive a Certificate of Distinction.

In addition to the top three awards, seven distinguished finalists will receive a Certificate of Distinction. 

Winners agree to the use of their likeness and to have the work featured on all LDEI outlets including the LDEI Quarterly publication, the LDEI website and in press releases with the goal of promoting these outstanding works. 
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