Published Works

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A Kansas City Christmas Cookbook; author; Two Lane Press; 1994
Easy Grilling & Simple Smoking; co-author with Judith Fertig; Pig Out Publications; 1998
Best Little BBQ Cookbook; author; Ten Speed Press; 2000
Best Little BBQ Sauces Cookbook; author; Ten Speed Press; 2000
Best Little Grilling Cookbook; ; Ten Speed Press; 2000
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Fish & Shellfish Grilled & Smoked; co-author with Judith Fertig; Harvard Common Press; 2002

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Napa Valley: The Ultimate Winery Guide, Third Edition; author; Chronicle Books; 2000

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Special Desserts; author; ; 1992

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Art Of American Indian Cooking; author; ; 1965, 1986, 2000
Food Is More Than Cooking; A Basic Guide For Young Cooks; author; ; 1968
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Doubleday Cookbook: Complete Contemporary Cooking; author; ; 1975
Recipes From America's Restored Villages; author; ; 1975
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Half A Can Of Tomato Paste And Other Culinary Dilemmas: A Cookbook; author; ; 1980
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Unforbidden Sweets: More Than 100 Classic Desserts You Can Now Enjoy--Without Counting Calories; author; ; 1982
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Food of Portugal; author; ; 1986, 1994
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New German Cookbook: More Than 230 Contemporary And Traditional Recipes; author; ; 1993
1,001 Secrets Of Great Cooks: How To Shop For Food, Store It, Prep It, Cook It, Decorate It, Serve It, And Recycle It; author; ; 1995
Nutrition Bible: A Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide To Foods, Nutrients, Additives, Preservatives, Pollutants, And Everything Else We Eat And Drink; author; ; 1995
American Century Cook-Book; author; ; 1997
Dinners In A Dish And A Dash; author; ; 2000
Good Morning America Cut The Calories Cookbook: Delicious Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Recipes From Our Viewers; author; ; 2000

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Sunset Seafood Cook Book; consulting editor; Lane Publishing Co.; 1978
Sunset Wok Cook Book; consulting editor; Lane Publishing Co.; 1978
Sunset Chinese Cook Book; consulting editor; Sunset Publishing Corporation; 1979
Sunset Pasta Cook Book; consulting editor; Sunset Publishing Corporation; 1980
Sunset Oriental Cookbook; consulting editor; Lane Publishing Co.; 1987

Atwood, Heather (Northeast)
In Cod We Trust; Author; Globe Pequot; 2015

Bachar, Jacqueline (Palm Springs)
Life On The Ohio Frontier; A Collection Of Letters From Mary Lott To Deacon John Phillips 1826-1846; editor; International Forum; 1994
Poetry In The Garden; editor; International Forum; 1996

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Dollhouse Furniture You Can Make; author; ; 1977
Dollhouse Lamps And Chandeliers; author; ; 1979
Don't Tell 'Em It's Good For ‘Em; author; ; 1984
Eat Your Vegetables!: More Than 200 Irresistible Recipes; author; ; 1985
Make In 1/2 The Usual Time; author; ; 1985
Why Does My Nose Run?: And Other Questions Kids Ask About Their Bodies; author; ; 1985
How Do Ants Know When You're Having A Picnic?: And Other Questions Kids Ask About Insects; author; ; 1986
Soup's On; co-author; Macmillan; 1986
The 60-Minute Bread Book; author; Putman's; 1986
The International Cookie Cookbook; author; Stewart, Tabori & Chang; 1988
Why Do Cats' Eyes Glow In The Dark?: And OtherQuestions Kids Ask About Animals; author; ; 1988
The Oat Bran Baking Book; co-author; Contemporary; 1990
The International Chocolate Cookbook; author; Stewart, Tabori & Chang; 1991
Skinny Soups; co-author; Surrey Books; 1992
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The Low-Fat Cookbook For People Who Love To Eat; co-author; Rodale; 1994
Skinny Italian Cooking; author; ; 1996
The All-American Cookie Book; author; Houghton Mifflin; 2001
One-Pot Meals For People With Diabetes; co-author; National Diabetes Association Press; 2003

Baraban, Regina (Northeast)
Successful Restaurant Design; ; Wiley; 1992
Successful Restaurant Design; Author; Wiley; 2010

Barbara, Kafka (New York)
American Food & California Wine; author; ; 1981, 1994
Food For Friends; author; ; 1984, 1993
Microwave Gourmet; author; ; 1987, 1989
Barbara Kafka's Microwave Gourmet Healthstyle; author; ; 1989, 1996
James Beard Celebration Cookbook; author; ; 1990, 1995
Opinionated Palate: Passions And Peeves On Eating And Food; author; ; 1992
Party Food: Small & Savory; author; ; 1992
Roasting : A Simple Art; author; ; 1995
Soup, A Way Of Life; author; ; 1998

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Cooking With Spirits; author; ; 1976
Private Recipes From Private Clubs; author; ; 1976
Complete Food Preservation Book: How To Can, Freeze, Preserve, Pickle, And Cure Edibles; author; ; 1978
Easy, Elegant Luncheon Menus; author; ; 1980
Low Salt Diet And Recipe Book; author; ; 1982, 1985

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David Wood Food Book; author; Whitecap Books; 1987
David Wood Dessert Book; author; Whitecap Books; 1989
Pacific Passion; author; Whitecap Books; 1995
Screamingly Good Food; author; Whitecap Books; 1997
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The Low-Carb Gourmet; author; Harper Collins Canada; 2004
The Passionate Cook; author; Whitecap Books; 2004

Bassetti, Gwenyth (Seattle)
Cooking With Artisan Breads; co-author; Sasquatch Books; 1998

Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio (New York)
La Cucina Di Lidia; author; Doubleday; 1990
Lidia's Italian Table; author; William Morrow; 1998
Lidia's Italian American Table; author; Knopf; 2001

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New Food Of Life: Ancient Persian And Modern Iranian Cooking And Ceremonies; author; Mage Publishers ; 1992, 2000
A Taste Of Persia: An Introduction To Persian Cooking; author; Mage Publishers; 1999, 2000

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Design Spirits: Bars, Brewpubs And Technoclubs; author; PBC International; 1996
Victual Reality: Food Poems; author; Pudding House; 2000
Cleveland Food Memories; author; Gray & Co.; 2004

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Herbs In The Kitchen; co-author; Interweave Press; 1992
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Your Family Will Love It; contributor; Rodale Press; 1995
Basil: An Herb Lover’s Guide; co-author; Interweave Press; 1996
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Another Season Cookbook: Recipes For Every Season From The Chef/Owner Of Boston's Another Season Restaurant; author; ; 1986

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Pillsbury Complete Cookbook; author; ; 2000

Bielunski, Marlys (Chicago)
Skinny Beef; ; ;

Bigelow, Fran (Seattle)
Pure Chocolate; author; Random House; 2004

Blonder, (Boston)
Wholehearted Cooking; author; Camden House; 1983
For Goodness Sake; author; Camden House; 1990
1,000 Lowfat Recipes; author; Macmillan; 1997

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Chicken On The Run; author; Cooking Guild; 1988
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Bringing Food Home; Cover Artist; BookSurge;
Color Management for Packing; Featured Packaging Designer; RotoVision; 2008

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The Simple Art Of Perfect Baking; author; William Morrow; 1985; Chapters/Houghton-Mifflin; 1992
Sweet Miniatures: The Art Of Baking Bite-Size Desserts; author; William Morrow; 1991; Chronicle Books; 2000

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Lee Bailey's New Orleans: Good Food And Glorious Houses; Recipes From The Commander's Palace, Mr. B's, And The Palace Café; co-author; ; 1993

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Basic Baking; author; Harper Collins; 2000

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Cooking With The New American Chefs; author; ; 1985
Southwest Tastes: From The PBS Television Series Great Chefs Of The West; author; ; 1987
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Coffee In The U.S. Market 2004; co-author; Beverage Marketing Corporation; 2004

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My Head And My Heart, A Little History Of Thomas Jefferson And Maria Cosway; author; ; 1945
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Freeze With Ease; author; ; 1965
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Jane Butel's Tex-Mex Cookbook; author; ; 1980
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Microwave Cookbook; author; ; 1976
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Ice Cream; author; ; 1987
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Flour, too; Author; Chronicle; 2013
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