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MFK Fisher

LDEI’s M.F.K. Fisher Awards for Excellence in Culinary Writing

2017 Awards Application and Rules will be posted in January, 2017. 

The M.F.K. Fisher Awards for Excellence in Culinary Writing, presented annually, honor Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, a widely read and lauded culinary writer. Before her death in 1992, MFK Fisher personally gave her permission to Les Dames d’Escoffier International to present awards in her name. For more information about her, go to www.mfkfisher.com, a site maintained by LDEI.

For each of the three categories below, three cash prizes and certificates will be awarded: $500 to the category winner, $100 for second prize, and $50 for third prize, making a total of nine cash prizes. An additional $500 (USD) will be awarded to the grand-prize winner judged to be the best of the three category winners (totaling $1000). The grand-prize winner will also receive round trip (coach class) airfare to the conference city to receive her honor in person (mandatory) at the gala awards banquet.

• Book Award
• Print Award (newspaper and magazine entries)
• Internet Award

The goals of the awards are:
• To honor the accomplishments of MFK Fisher and to showcase her contributions to gastronomy
• To give recognition to a woman who is engaged in significant culinary writing.

From 1992 to 2004, the award recognized and supported a woman in mid-career whose work directly impacted the areas of food, beverage, and arts of the table.

In 2006, the M.F.K. Fisher Awards program was completely redesigned. The award now recognizes excellence in culinary writing. Women in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles are eligible to be nominated for the award. For information on the awards program, click on the links below.

MFK Fisher Award Recipients:

  • 2015 MFK Fisher Grand Prize Winner: Erin Byers-Murray
  • 2014 MFK Fisher Grand Prize Winner: Nina Mukerjee Furstenau
  • 2012 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Jess Thomson
  • 2010 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Natalie MacLean
  • 2008 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Louisa Kasdon
  • 2006 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Kitty Crider
  • 2004 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Andrea Immer
  • 2002 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Mary Risely
  • 2000 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Katherine Mary Alex
  • 1998 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Barbara Haber
  • 1996 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Cathrine Sneed
  • 1994 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Deborah Madison
  • 1992 MFK Fisher Award Recipient: Linda Bisson


Celebrate the life and accomplishments of M.F.K. Fisher at  www.mfkfisher.com.



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